Welcome to Murmure


 Forever inspired by French skincare expertise, scientific progress and the study of botanicals.


Our journey begins in the heart of France, where the renowned herbalist Jean-Paul dedicated his life to studying the healing properties of plants. Before his death, Jean-Paul’s invaluable knowledge was encapsulated in his magnum opus: a book entitled “Le Manuel de l’herboriste à Toulouse,”.


 It is with this precious book that we’ve created the cornerstone of our brand.


Jonathan Klein, Jean-Paul's godson and a native of the south of France, moved to the vibrant city of New York where he met Emily Hayes, a professional ballerina with the American Ballet Theatre and a skincare enthusiast.


Driven by a need for quality skincare that was both clean and highly effective, Emily found the answers she sought within J.P’s book. Together with Jonathan, they recognized the potential for change in the skincare industry. It was clear to them that too many products on the market were laden with unnecessary chemicals, sensitizing preservatives, and poor quality ingredients.


Determined to offer a better solution, they partnered with Nicolas, Doctor of pharmacy, master in biological sciences, and some of the best labs in France to realize their vision. Their shared commitment led to the creation of Murmure, a naturally better skincare line combining potent botanical extracts, contemporary functional ingredients, and the French savoir-faire. 



 Our Standards


We pride ourselves on our uncompromising commitment to quality – our formulations are vegan, cruelty-free and contain zero harsh chemicals. All our products are formulated in France with the highest possible levels of naturality, and undergo extensive testing to ensure their safety, stability, and efficacy. This meticulous process may take time, but we believe in bringing only la crème de la crème to your skincare routine.


Our pledge to quality extends to our packaging too: we use recyclable and reusable materials, FSC-certified papers and vegetable-based inks. It’s all part of our commitment to taking care of our planet like we take care of our skin.



Our Mission


 At Murmure, we aim to make a real difference by offering safer and more effective skincare options that align with your values. As we honor Jean-Paul’s legacy and the French heritage of skincare, we strive to make a lasting impact on the industry.