Snail Mucin Alternative: Mallow Flower

THE MURMURE TEAM | 01/16/2024



You want the benefits of snail mucin without having to spread snail juice on your face?

We've got the perfect alternative for you -> “Plant Mucin”, AKA: “Mucilage” – the plant-based cousin of snail mucin.



But what exactly is mucilage?

At its core, mucilage is a sticky, gelatinous substance found in various plants, acting as a natural defense mechanism. In the Mallow flower, this mucilage becomes a skincare powerhouse, offering a gentle touch with remarkable benefits. And that's the secret behind our Mellow Mallow Nourishing Gel Cleanser and our Mellow Mallow Hydrating Cloud Cream. 



Benefits include:

SOOTHING - Mucilage, particularly from plants like Mallow, works wonders in calming and soothing the skin. It provides relief to irritated and sensitive skin, creating a harmonious symphony that leaves your complexion cool and composed.

REPAIRING - The magic of mucilage doesn't stop at calming effects. It actively contributes to the skin's repair process, bidding farewell to blemishes and aiding recovery from daily environmental stresses. The result? A smoother, more radiant complexion that stands resilient against the challenges of the day.

HYDRATING - Mallow mucilage is your skin's hydration oasis. It locks in moisture, ensuring your skin stays supple and nourished. The hydrating properties of mucilage give you that coveted healthy glow, creating a natural barrier against dryness.



Time to say goodbye to the idea of smearing snail juice on your face and bonjour to the idea of saving the escargots!

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