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DayDream Carré Scarf

DayDream Carré Scarf

French chic and easy to wear. Whether it's in your hair, around your neck or on a bag, this square scarf will add a 'Je ne sais quoi' to your look!

Ice Blue, Pink & Tangerine

Designed by Emily & Jonathan Klein

21" x 21" | Eco-Polyester (Vegan Silk)


What are the dimensions of the scarf?

This scarf is a square measuring 21"X 21"


What materials are used to make this scarf?

The square scarf is crafted from eco-polyester, also known as vegan silk, with a satin finish.


What is "vegan silk"?

Eco-poly is a material designed to be soft like silk while being 100% vegan. It's a sustainable and cruelty-free choice for those who appreciate the feel of silk.


What are the care instructions?

Hand wash, do not tumble dry, avoid bleaching, and iron using a low-temperature setting.

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The Story of Murmure

 Notre Histoire 

Our story begins in the south of France, where a renowned herbalist named Jean-Paul, who was like a second father to Jonathan (our co-founder) dedicated his life to the studies of plants and their healing properties. Before his death, J.Ps knowledge was encapsulated in his book entitled “Le Manuel de l’Herboriste à Toulouse”. It is with this precious book that we’ve created the cornerstone of our brand.

Now partnered with Nicolas, Doctor of pharmacy and some of the best labs in France. Our shared commitment led to the creation of Murmure, a skincare line that combines the legacy of Jean-Paul's botanical discoveries, modern functional ingredients and the artistry of French savoir-faire.