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Microflora: Blue Tea Cream

Microflora: Blue Tea Cream

Our Microflora face cream will help maintain your microbiome’s balance and your skin’s moisture levels. Read more... Infused with a combination of potent extracts this formula will leave your skin feeling healthy, nourished, and repaired. less

50 ml | 1.69 fl oz

More Natural Benefits:

Moisturizing | Repairing | Plumping

Star Ingredients

Pre/Pro Biotics: Prebiotics are a necessary food source helping probiotics thrive. Together they can help maintain a healthy microbiome that can defend, hydrate, and repair each day.

Blue Tea Extract: AKA “Butterfly Pea” is rich in antioxidants. It is able to increase the collagen and elasticity in skin cells, resulting in a firmer, plumper skin and a healthier complexion.

Corallina Officinalis Extract: This red algae carries a wide range of actives. It helps regulate the lipid barrier process and cell turnover for a smooth and even skin.

Sweet Basil Extract: This extract offers purifying and soothing properties. Rich in rosmarinic and ferulic acid it also helps neutralize external irritants.

How to Use

Use 1-2 times a day. Apply evenly to the face and neck.

For external use only.


Which skin type is this for?

Microflora Superfood Infused Moisturizing Cream
is perfect for all skin types, whether you have sensitive, dry, oily, or combination skin. 

What does it smell like ?

It smells like a fresh cup of ice tea. The magic happens naturally with our carefully chosen extracts. We never use fragrance in our formulations!

Where does the color come from?

We don’t use any colorants in our formulations. We let the natural hues shine through and in this case it’s the blue tea extract.

Can it be used around the eyes?

Absolutely! We've got your eyes covered. This cream has been carefully tested and approved for use around your delicate eye area.

Will this blend seamlessly with makeup?

Absolutely! Our cream also serves as an exceptional moisturizing foundation primer. It's a fantastic choice for your skin, whether you're going for a glamorous look or opting for a more natural appearance.

What is the proper way to store this product?

Just keep it chill! Store your Microflora Superfood Infused Moisturizing Cream in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Your skin will thank you.

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The Story of Murmure

 Notre Histoire 

Our story begins in the south of France, where a renowned herbalist named Jean-Paul, who was like a second father to Jonathan (our co-founder) dedicated his life to the studies of plants and their healing properties. Before his death, J.Ps knowledge was encapsulated in his book entitled “Le Manuel de l’Herboriste à Toulouse”. It is with this precious book that we’ve created the cornerstone of our brand.

Now partnered with Nicolas, Doctor of pharmacy and some of the best labs in France. Our shared commitment led to the creation of Murmure, a skincare line that combines the legacy of Jean-Paul's botanical discoveries, modern functional ingredients and the artistry of French savoir-faire.