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Skincare Spatula

Skincare Spatula

Our Skincare Spatula is flat and has a smooth surface making it easier to spread evenly. It's the perfect sustainable alternative to plastic spatulas. Ideal for applying your masks and moisturizers.

100% Recyclable

Can be cleaned and reused infinitely 

2.65" | Stainless Steel


Can the metal skincare spatula be recycled?

Yes, being made of stainless steel, the spatula is recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice.


What is the material of the skincare spatula?

The skincare spatula is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and hygiene.


Can the metal spatula be used for eye creams and delicate areas?

Absolutely, the precise edges make it ideal for applying skincare products to delicate areas, including around the eyes.

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The Story of Murmure

 Notre Histoire 

Our story begins in the south of France, where a renowned herbalist named Jean-Paul, who was like a second father to Jonathan (our co-founder) dedicated his life to the studies of plants and their healing properties. Before his death, J.Ps knowledge was encapsulated in his book entitled “Le Manuel de l’Herboriste à Toulouse”. It is with this precious book that we’ve created the cornerstone of our brand.

Now partnered with Nicolas, Doctor of pharmacy and some of the best labs in France. Our shared commitment led to the creation of Murmure, a skincare line that combines the legacy of Jean-Paul's botanical discoveries, modern functional ingredients and the artistry of French savoir-faire.